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Education Resources Network (ERN) was established in 2005 with the aim of helping students that wish to pursue higher education abroad. ERN provides complete admissions services to a wide range of Universities around the globe. Through our network of local and foreign Institutes we provide the students a solid foundation to which they can build their future success on.

ERN has been in operation in Pakistan for over 10 years. Starting off in Islamabad, the office has expanded its network of universities and students and now has affiliate office in London and Dubai and representative offices in Lahore and Karachi as well. It continues to work beyond its Pakistani offices and has served students situated in several Middle Eastern and European countries.

Based on its credibility and strategic approach, ERN has consistently been expanding its panel of UK and US university representation. To date, it represents over 35 British and 21 American universities, of which more than half are ranked amongst the Top 25 institutions in the UK. Above all, the company is a prides itself on being a representative of Top ten Institutes like Durham, Exeter, York, School of Oriental & African Studies (SOAS) and Surrey and a few more to be added soon.

ERN has established a strong reputation within the education segment allowing it to recruit students from a variety of institutions, subjects and backgrounds.  Accordingly, ERN has made its mark within the education consultancy sector, attracting increasing number of clients in successive years.

ERN strongly believes in absorbing the maximum potential from each student and strives to provide a platform on which the students can enrich their future upon!

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